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it’s funny what things start to irritate you, working in an office. they are the most trivial, pointless things to get irritating about, but they’re there all the same. today my irritation is with people who, when sending in a cheque with a form, feel the need to attach the cheque with staples or sticky tape, as if they don’t trust the ability of the envelope to keep the two bits of paper together. it’s irritating! don’t do it! (okay, once is forgivable, but when you’re processing a stack of mail and have to keep undoing staples again and again it starts to get annoying and i find myself favouring those people who don’t use staples (paper clips are ok, as they just slide off) and that isn’t fair because i’m sure the staple people meant well, it’s just a completely misguided intention).

i am unwell. can you tell? i think i’m finally succumbing to whatever thing my mum had last week. or perhaps it’s coinciding with the weather getting slightly cooler, which is great (the cooler bit, not the sick bit). i tried to go to bed early last night and ended up lying there for two and a half hours, listening to the waves of laughter coming from the people who have just moved in downstairs – i guess they were having a housewarming. thankfully there was no music, but it sounded like there were about a hundred people down there. so i didn’t get any more sleep than usual. i wanted to do some writing but didn’t because i was valiantly trying to get an Early Night, so it’s doubly annoying because i didn’t get any writing done and i didn’t get any more sleep.

bah. i think i need coffee.