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here i am on another work-sanctioned day at home, and it’s a good place to be. i still love my lovely art deco flat and the space and solitude. at times i have felt a little lonely, but there are friends and family within a block of me so i haven’t got any excuse for wallowing. also useful for when i haven’t got enough money or energy to make a decent meal because none of them like to see me go hungry. 🙂

kensington is pretty green so i have lots of lush trees to look at. i seem to be living in the catholic precinct, with st joseph’s primary school, our lady of the sacred heart girls’ high school, a convent and a monastery all in my street. the convent and monastery are beautiful buildings, with arches and gables, set on the hill. they light them up at night sometimes. my mother always thought it was funny that the most romantic buildings around here are where the nuns and monks live.

i just saw some people i know walk past my window. they looked up at my window and i don’t think they could see me with the glare from outside, but it gave me the strangest feeling, like everything had gone out of kilter for a second. so weird when you see people out of context. i remember when i was working in child care and saw one of the kindy kids in coles with his mum and he just stood in the middle of the aisle, his mouth wide open, staring at me, completely unable to speak or move. his mum and i thought it was pretty funny, but i do get it.