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i have started working from home one day a week (this week it’s two days, yahoo). this is to give me time and space to do ‘creative’ things, unhindered by the phone or processing mail. it’s been great so far, in fact strangely enough i find it easier to work longer hours (which is good, as i usually flake out very quickly in the office). have been redeveloping our website, and the next task is to condense a 18000 word thesis into 4000 words for an article in our new journal. hmm…someone likened it to turning lead into gold…i think i’m up for the challenge!

i’ve started doing an evening course at moore college with my mum. it leads to the diploma of biblical studies, but as i’m only doing one subject a term it will take some time to get there. besides which, i’m not doing it for the diploma – even after only one class (last night), it feels so good to have my brain stretched a bit. the subject this term is doctrine 1. last night we looked at what we base our concept of God on, the authority and reliability of Scripture, Biblical inspiration and its implications…etc.

Then, in a lovely moment of co-ordination, this morning I read ‘the new form of speech’ in the fleming rutledge book the bible and the new york times and it was all about the importance and significance of God’s Word and the preaching of his Word and that “God does not exist in unbroken silence. He has communicated. He has gone out from himself in self-expression. But this expression is not through vision; it is through audition.”

she’s a cool writer/preacher, even if her name does sound like a jk rowling character. check her out if you can.