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we’re upgrading our database at work to a whole new system. it’s a lovely new design and i have confidence that it is all going to work well in the end, but at the moment we’re doing double entry and trying to understand the new logic and the way our database designer thinks. it makes sense (eventually) but i think our brains are all a bit full. i’ve even bowed to pressure and had an instant coffee because i was desperate and the plunger disappeared to a staff retreat last weekend (we didn’t even get a postcard!).

but the thing that makes it all alright for me is the fact that i am doing it all on my new iMac. it maketh me glad.

which is just as well, because i have been extremely angry and am having to smooth down my violent tendencies, so it’s nice to have something white and soothing to look at all day. the reason? a truth has been revealed in the days since doing the jane austen quiz from the last post. i have been lately involved (and spectacularly uninvolved) with a willoughby. how could this happen? how could a girl who has such a captivating singing voice and who plays the pianoforte so beautifully allow herself to get involved with such a…such a…such a willoughby?

ask ms austen. it’s all her fault. and if you don’t know what a willoughby is, rent sense and sensibility, watch it, and then tell me what you think.