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okay so now i’m home, here is what my home iTunes shuffle unearthed:

you only – tree63 [the answer to the question]

candy – the presidents of the usa [the presidents of the usa]

psalm 96 – emu music [you alone live]

hi-lili hi-lo – rickie lee jones [pop pop]

four seasons in one day – crowded house [woodface]

another flavour – the sundays [static and silence]

sinking – jars of clay [jars of clay]

how will you go – crowded house [woodface]

jesu, joy of man’s desiring – JS bach [contented rest]

isobel – bjork [post]

human nature – miles davis [mellow miles]

much overlap? crowded house seems to pop up a lot. and why not, eh? but in a library of 1041 songs, you’d think the shuffle could have looked further afield…

should find a way of doing it with books and movies too. trivia! trivia! i love it!