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well, ben b got me started on this (you can follow all the links back from his blog to see who got him started if you’re so inclined), but now we’re all doing the shuffle. this is where you select your music collection and hit shuffle, then confess what the list says with no substitutions or censorships 🙂 (i have different things on iTunes at work than i do at home, so i’ll do it again when i get home, just for trivia’s sake).

smoke – ben folds five [whatever and ever amen]

the ring goes south – NZSO [LOTR – fellowship soundtrack]

isengard unleashed – NZSO [LOTR – two towers soundtrack]

not the girl you think you are – crowded house [recurring dream]

never do anything – barenaked ladies [maroon]

shiny happy people – REM [out of time]

all the kings horses – vince jones [live]

largo (arioso) from flute concerto in g minor, bwv 1056 – JS Bach (well, he didn’t play it obviously, but i don’t have the liner notes with me) [contented rest]

let your love grow – paul colman trio [new map of the world]

straight to my heart – sting [nothing like the sun]

lucky trumble – nancy wilson [almost famous soundtrack]

how random! interesting to see what the overlap with my home list will be. or maybe not. well i like this kind of thing…the random flipping through familiar things. and i like looking at other people’s lists too, i don’t know what i think it reveals about them, but perhaps some common ground, some quirkiness, some surprises.

feel free to add your own!