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after a week of impressively hot days, it has now cooled down again and is raining rather steadily, which i like. the windows in front of my desk are kind of like a bay-window-type dealie, facing out over the corner of my street and a streetlight. everything looks monochrome in the streetlight’s white glow, and the rain makes it even more atmospheric. the only colour comes from the occasional car’s taillights.

this is perfect weather. i love it. i love being inside and looking out at times like this. it’s raining enough that there are sizeable puddles, and it seems like it will continue all night. i love lying in bed and listening to the rain, and waking up to cool grey mornings.

of course, only in moderation. if it continued too long it would be depressing, but in terms of relief after a week of swelter, it’s pretty unbeatable.