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after a week-and-a-bit of very little sleep and lots of energy expending, i am finally starting to feel vaguely human again. we had our second holiday kids club last week, at st stephen’s this time, and it was lots of fun even if there were only around 12 kids a day. still, each one was lovely and it’s here that i think quality over quantity counts. and we sang lots. and made snowdomes. it was fun.

the day before the kids club started there was a sleepover at church that i only intended to go to for about an hour…and stayed for rather longer than that. it was a weird night of half-baked brownies, chupa chups and movies i had seen too many times:


half each of the bourne identity and monsters, inc

gone in 60 seconds

dead poets society

then during the week i had mims and john staying at my place (and amelia one night too), so there was lots of eating of Bad Food and more movie watching (and i was not responsible for many of these movie choices, mind you (particularly the first two)):


a walk to remember

i think part of legally blonde but i may actually have gone to bed

the first half hour of anastasia

10 things i hate about you


scary movie 3

and the first 10 minutes of the matrix for amelia’s sake, but she fell asleep so i turned it off

then the morning after the kids club i flew down to melbourne with mum and we went to echuca and barham for her work. by the time we got there i was totally spaced out and had to stay in the motel while she schmoozed and of course, what was on tv? bring it on of course! so in the last week i’ve had my full dose of trashy movies, nicely rounded off.

i feel like i need to go and read proust or something. i think terry pratchett will just have to do… heh.