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well i guess you’ve found me. had to move the blog because i signed up with unwired and am losing my ozemail account. haven’t worked out where i will park the rest of my site yet, but not too fussed as i haven’t updated it in so long i don’t think anyone will miss it.

also changed the name. vastly different as you can see, but it’s kind of in light of the fact that i no longer have a laundry. well, there is a laundry in the building but it’s kind of silence of the lambs scary and i don’t want to go in there. so it has come to a laundrette or mum’s or danielle’s. feels weird carrying my clothes down the hill to dani’s place, but nice to be able to hang them out on the good old hills hoist. i’m such a cliche at heart. 🙂

more soon.