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this is scary…i have been informed by a couple of people that they actually read this thing. now i feel the pressure to write something! (which is actually a good pressure to be under)

i’ve been sick most of this week. waa. i’m trying to keep it at bay so i am well for the second kids club we’re running next week at st stephen’s. how could i lose my voice and deprive those children of my wonderful singing? t’would be a tragedy indeed. 🙂

so i’ve been working at home, doing some layout and design for a conference book. i could seriously get used to this working at home lark, although i do get distracted quite easily. for example, i just had to take down the curtain in my study because it was bothering me – it was the one already here when i moved in and of course, having work to do, i decided it needed a wash. oh my goodness. as soon as water hit the thing it let off the most revolting stench, something like fish sauce and prawn paste, and the water went a strange brown colour. so dealing with the disgustingness of that distracted me for a while. but despite this, today i have actually worked almost as many hours as i normally do in the office, which shows it is possible.

the other thing about being sick is i find i read a lot more than i usually do. i’ve been re-reading neil gaiman’s neverwhere, which i have to say is fast becoming one of my favourite books. again. if you haven’t read it i heartily recommend it.