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been sick now for almost a week. it’s getting old. today i have developed earache in addition to all the other unpleasant flu-like symptoms. these are the times when i just want to curl up in a corner somewhere and sleep for three weeks. i bought a sleeping bag on the weekend – the temptation just to get into it and never come out is very strong.

but i have so much to do in the next few weeks! work, as usual. in a week and a bit i’m going to the mary andrews college conference for the saturday, and am going to be one of the readers at the fireside reading thingy in the evening – i did it last year and it was most fun. i got to eat heaps of chocolate and read a big slab of CS Lewis’ the magician’s nephew and did voices and everything and it was lots of fun.

then the kids club – KASM – that i’m helping to run at church is the week after that (gulp) and although we’re steadily progressing towards being organised, every now and again i feel a small tremor of panic. i’m good at this kind of thing but i’ve never been the person in charge…a little scary.

then that saturday is our winter dinner at church – winterfest. we’ve got nicky chiswell coming to play, which should be cool except she hasn’t been in touch for a while, so i hope she hasn’t forgotten. and i am supposed to be in charge of that too, but i think i feel some more extreme delegating coming on.

if only i could get over this sickness!