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i had a repeat performance of my birthday yesterday. it was a joint bec-imogen birthday and mother’s day, with people from church at the tonks’ house – it was supposed to be a picnic in their large backyard but of course if i ever mention the words picnic, barbecue and birthday in the one sentence, it’s guaranteed to rain. it did, intermittently, all afternoon, but we still had lots of fun. now i don’t have any lingering feelings of petulant disgruntlement (my prerogative to make up words, you know) about the non-event that was april 21 this year, and it was just very cheering to spend the day with lovely people who are all there because they like you (as opposed to the parties when people are all there because they don’t like you, but that’s just sad…). birthdays usually don’t bother me one way or the other, but this year’s was such a doozy in terms of nothingness (if that’s not a complete contradiction), that it’s good to have finally exorcised it.

and today it seems as though winter has arrived! well, almost. it’s grey and drizzly and cold and i like it. got my new scarf on ๐Ÿ™‚