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Salam Pax: Enough Rope, episode 42, transcript

just finished reading/watching an exhausting hour-long forum with Salam Pax at the enough rope website – the questions were rolling in too fast to keep track of. the interview last night was great – he seems like an amazing, if completely ordinary, guy; in fact his ordinariness probably is what makes him so compelling, the fact that he survived both the actual war as well as commenting on what was happening in baghdad, and he was just a guy in his family of thirty, all waiting to see what happened.

juxtapose that with the preceding interview with john travolta, who was also extremely compelling in a super-charismatic way, but for totally different reasons…an excellent show and an interesting collision of topics.

(salam also has a great turn of phrase and a lovely smile. it would be interesting to read his book (the blog all in one go) and maybe hear him speak at the sydney writers festival, but that would require me getting my act together and that’s extremely unlikely to happen)