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So chuffed with this new blog I think I’ll post 3 times in one day. Also, work is dreary-dull.

Haven’t done lists for a while! I guess I had been too busy with scary academia that I didn’t have much of a life outside of it. So. What have I been doing?


Have recently read the song of the lioness quartet by Tamora Pierce. Bethany had been at me for years to read these books, and now that I have I know why. They are simply written, but compelling, in a pre-JK Rowling kind of way. The lead character, Alanna, is totally legendary, a fiesty, intelligent, aggressive, principled, attractive, emotional, talented and tenacious woman; so basically, a complex and well-rounded character (unlike, say, some of Rowling’s).

Now do not know what to start reading. Might continue with Isobelle Carmody’s Obernewtyn books, or read something grown up. Haven’t decided yet. Pulp is good. Got Bethany onto Terry Pratchett, starting with Equal Rites…had an interesting experience driving back from Bowral with her family the other day, with her reading the narration and me doing all the voices. Couldn’t have been worse than driving down to Bowral and singing along to the Bee Gees greatest hits…could it?


Saw van helsing with bek on Friday. O what a supremely silly movie! it was very enjoyable, had lots of delicious things to look at, but what a clanger of a script! Still, Kate Beckinsale has proven that she looks good in lycra, leather, vinyl and corsets (in this movie and underworld) and that she can fall through debris down three storeys and still have all her hair in place, with maybe only the faintest smudge of dirt on her nose. Hugh Jackman has proven that even though you lose all your skin and clothing when you turn into a wolfman, when you revert back to your human form you will still be wearing a loin cloth.


love actually again…despite its unapologetic frothiness, I love this movie.

this is spinal tap– I had never actually seen this until a couple of weeks ago. If you listen to the commentary, I think it’s almost funnier than the original film.


Been listening to the 3 CDs that I got with my CD voucher from heath for my birthday, almost non-stop: life for rent by dido, sunrise over sea by the john butler trio, and if I left the zoo by jars of clay. John loaned me another jars of clay CD last night, so I might yet get out of this cycle…and into another one.

Also, my ipod should be arriving soon…tee hee…