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What do you do with those days that just seem to drag on interminably?  My back seems to have decided to be uncooperative and no matter how much stretching, walking, changing position I do, I just can’t get comfortable.  I’ve got various bitsy things to do here at work but nothing particularly inspiring or challenging.  Some days are just like this.

The only thing I feel like doing is sleeping.  Back to that again.  I slept very well last night in my new pyjamas, snuggled under the covers – it was the perfect (cool) temperature and not noisy.  Most satisfactory.  I’d like to be back there now, reading my new Tamora Pierce, thanks to Bethany (so you see, I chose not to venture into grown up books…).  Now I have to get acquainted with a new heroine, Daine, who I’m sure will be as cool as Alanna.

I’ve got to get cracking with my own story – got about 16000 words, and it’s just one of those stories I add a few thousand words to every so often.  I read back over it the other day, not having read it for about a year, and feel like it might actually have some merit to it.  Now that I’m not so obsessed with it going somewhere, and can just enjoy getting to know my characters, it feels good to write it.

It’s like going back to the gym or something, learning to write again.  Not having done anything but thesis for six or seven months it’s really hard to get back into it and write something I’m happy with.  I think I just have to do small writing exercises (to further the gym analogy) until my brain remembers what inspiration is like.