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had a gleeful evening last night of ani difranco at the enmore – not my favourite venue, but definitely my favourite live performer. she was solo, with many guitar changes, but i was amazed – again – at how someone so small can fill such a big stage so effortlessly. i wish i hadn’t been so tired, but i spent most of the gig with a stoned-like smile on my face and enjoyed it immensely.

it was all good stuff, but the better than good stuff:

    as is from little plastic castles – for some reason i had a very strong reaction to this. tired and emotional, that’s what i was.

    origami from educated guess – i still haven’t heard the whole of this album, but this song is very cool, and she roared and growled through it.

    dilate from dilate – arrg. can’t explain seeing this song done live, it’s just extremely powerful.

    evolve from evolve – very cute and gruff

    and she finished with both hands from her first ever album, ani difranco and at the end she said gleefully “what would you do if you didn’t clap at the end of this song? wouldn’t that be creepy? do you have that much restraint? hey – no, no, let’s do it, come on, come on…you can clap when i’m gone…” and the song finished and there was this kind of dull roar which eventually exploded as she bolted offstage. it was very cute, but also underlined how every person there was in the palm of her hand.