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well, it’s not maurice. it’s aoise, which doesn’t rhyme with maurice at all.

aoise has a website! it’s very exciting and has the tendency to make me feel small and insignificant in the scheme of the universe (and also makes me think i should finally get around to getting myself a domain name, but that’s another matter entirely…) she’s just so busy! and an inspiration to someone who wants to be a working writer. if you hunt around you can find a photo of me as ‘justine’ in black saturday (not v. attractive, with scraped back hair) and me as ‘ophelia’ in ophelia’s hamlet and along the watchtower (much more fetching, complete with tousled hair and a bit of a smoulder) and you will learn all sorts of wonderful things about how talented ms stratford is (as well as the fact that i used to act, once).

i long to see her. i wish i was rich. or had a lear jet. although having the second kind of presupposes the first.