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it is.

had the meeting with my supervisor today. it went okay, i suppose. i got some praise, and a lot of ‘this is sloppy writing’ type comments. it’s hard to gauge how my supervisor really thinks sometimes; he has a way of talking that makes you feel like he’s slightly irritated and just waiting for you to catch on. or like he’s seen it all before. and then he’ll say something very positive or flattering and usually i have to convince myself i actually heard him right.

i was going to work on the essay tonight, but it’s just too hot to do anything much.

i’m reading northern lights by philip pullman at the moment and enjoying it immensely. i think i’m going to have to go out and buy the trilogy. you can tell i should be writing, because my reading matter regresses to light fiction, fantasy and/or material pitched at an early adolescent audience (or all three together). during other periods of uni work i am usually ensconced in a terry pratchett book, or re-reading harry potter for the zillionth time. i usually enjoy those books a lot at times like this – they’re familiar, they’re easy, and it means my downtime doesn’t involve simply staring at a television screen. i usually can’t concentrate on anything more complex when i’m writing.

i just finished oryx and crake before i started working again, and it was enough to inspire me to embark upon this new story that could be really funky and that makes bek ramble on excitedly when she talks about it (she should be my agent, i swear nobody promotes me as well as that girl). only problem is i have the uni work to do before i can do any other writing, and i’m just dying to get started on it properly. i’ll just have to be content with sketches for the moment and hope i don’t lose the thread before i have time to get stuck into it.

i did rearrange my room. i haven’t cleaned out my cupboards yet. good to know that some procrastinatory habits die hard.