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trying to get back into my thesis feels like that bit in donnie darko when he’s poking the freaky rabbit guy in the eye with a knife (that might not have actually happened, that movie coalesced into one long bizarre moment for me) – kind of like i’m divorced from reality and trying to work out what’s going on and making a mess of it in the meantime.

[of course, now i’m sitting here listening to tripod song-in-an-hour-challenges from the triple j breakfast show site and it’s put me in a rather strange mood.]

i’ve emailed my supervisor and gotten no response, so now i’ve emailed my co-supervisor and hope i haven’t crossed some weird, invisible line and offended anyone. 28 feb is not very far away…i keep avoiding the work and thinking i have plenty of time, but it’s creeping up quite quickly. i will be immensely relieved when it’s all over.

then i can get on with my cyborg story! 😛