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okay, so it turns out that my supervisor has been “back from leave for several weeks”, according to my co-supervisor. and it sounds like she’s quite concerned now…i wonder why he hasn’t got back to me? sounds like we work in quite the same way – avoiding people until the last minute. unfortunately that doesn’t really make for a good outcome!

i’m torn between feeling guilty and feeling annoyed. i know that for my part i should have been more active in seeking his help, giving him updates, and keeping in contact instead of sticking my head in the sand and hoping the thesis would write itself. but by the same token, he should have been keeping tabs on me and harrassing me when he hadn’t heard from me for a while, even if he is super-busy as one of two creative writing lecturers on staff at the school.

this is why i don’t want to be an academic, i’d be hopeless at it.

so i suppose there’s nothing for it but to plow ahead and get the work done. at least my co-supervisor said she would read it and give me some feedback, so i’m not entirely adrift.

is there anyone out there who actually had a trouble-free experience with a supervisor? where writing a thesis was an enjoyable, intellectually stimulating experience and where meetings with supervisors were exciting exchanges of ideas with a little criticism and encouragement thrown in, but not mountains of defeat? maybe it’s the nature of the beast, i don’t know.

got to find me an artists’ colony and go there for a long time.