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i would just like to say i have finished my thesis.

since handing it in on friday to my supervisor for the final check before getting it soft-bound for the markers, i have eaten a lot of ice cream, drunk some champagne, watched several episodes of seachange, wandered around the city, had high tea at the QVB, indulged in a little retail therapy, gone to bed early because i couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore, had lunch with friends and cleaned up the piles of crap that had been building up in corners of my room for the last couple of months but which i hadn’t tidied up because it could be construed as procrastination (that’s my excuse, anyway). and i haven’t felt guilty because i should be reading or writing, and the tiredness i feel has been well earned.

i am off to the old fitzroy tonight to see the play metropolitan operas, which heath, richard and neil phipps are in, and matt gaskin directed. it seems like just about everyone i know will be going, which is kind of nice, but i wish i had more energy! still, beer, laksa and a show will be a good way to cap off the weekend.

and then – to asia! singapore on wednesday, KL on sunday, back to sydney the following weekend. it will be good to be elsewhere and this time i hope i am going into it without any false hopes (last time i thought it was going to be a good bonding experience but it…wasn’t). singapore will be fun, as i will be splurging on a verrry nice hotel with catherine and imi, and our friend sony will also be there so we’ll be able to go out and drink singapore slings till we collapse, if need be. well, maybe only sony and i can do that; i don’t think a baby would do too well and catherine probably needs to be mostly sober. 😉 nah, i reckon lots of good eating will be the order of the day.

how lucky am i?! 🙂