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okay now i feel intimidated.

academics all around me! i had a month off my thesis to, well, do nothing, and now as i’m trying to leap back into the fray i’m finding it harder than ever. brett is getting stuck into phd mode and getting all excited about all sorts of things and i…wish i was that excited about it. i think i came to this degree from the wrong angle, from wanting to write fiction rather than having a burning desire to foist my intellectual prowess on the world. so to speak.

next time (and despite what i say, i’m pretty sure there will be a next time) i’m not going to embark on one of these mammoth projects without being passionate about it. it’s just too hard to muster the energy or enthusiasm to finish the thesis. but i do have to say, after all this time, i’m getting to the point where i can talk about it and actually argue a point and make people think that it’s, well, interesting.

sounds like a pretty basic thing, but it’s a bit of a breakthrough, quite frankly.