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another hot christmas! it was 35 degrees celsius at 6pm yesterday, and probably about 40 in my house. my bedroom, in particular, seems to retain heat very well, with the additional feature of excellent acoustics, enabling me to hear every word uttered by my neighbours across the way. and do these neighbours speak poetry, discuss philosophy, delight in the finer elements of intellectual argument? no. they listen to christina aguliera, play soccer on their playstations and call each other ‘asswipe’. normally i wouldn’t care in the slightest, but when it is very hot and i have to sleep with the window open, it is less than pleasant to hear every detail of their sordid little lives.

on christmas day, though, it was perfectly quiet and peaceful despite the heat. it is only now, on boxing day, that they have all returned from wherever they celebrated christmas. i know they are here just to inconvenience me, aren’t they? 😉

but how wonderful, even if it is only two weeks, to have time off to sleep in, and read silly books, and watch lots of movies and generally sloth out! i am going to see return of the king tomorrow, possibly going to a movie marathon on sunday, have another buffy day planned for tuesday, and a lazy new year’s eve. ahh.

now if i can just learn to love my neighbours, all will be well with the world!

i hope you are happy and well, wherever you may be.