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okay, well in the meantime while i skulk and hide from social interaction i will tell you that it has been a

bek has to say hello now.

hello world

happiest of new years

2004 is definately going to be better then 2003 I feel

thats enough from me

well, short and sweet i suppose. the kitchen is full of chatty people, natalie merchant is playing (which is kind of mellow really). i keep hearing snatches of conversation that blend together in a very surreal way, punctuated by laughter and momentary lapses. ben rolfe made bek a dodgy salsa mix, including finnish and french salsas. i’m not sure how i feel about that. bek just put it on and immediately began dancing around the room. it’s very cute.

anyway, my holidays are almost over. it has been a very social couple of weeks but not long enough, i fear. it doesn’t quite feel like a holiday unless i go somewhere, and if i had the time i probably would have gone…somewhere. it’s been good catching up with people, though, as i feel i have been in a bit of a blackout due to writing and general stress. i suppose as a writer i have to get used to those periods of seclusion and silence; in some ways i crave it, but after a while i start to feel a bit adrift. it’s good that i have the sorts of friends who don’t mind if i disappear for a while, as they know i’ll always come back. eventually.