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i hardly did anything noteworthy in october. it seems to have been a very full and stressful month! november isn’t looking much better…i’m just trying to hang on until 22 December, when i go on holidays. FINALLY!

i saw league of extraordinary gentlemen but that was the only movie i made it to. extraordinary silliness, but good escapism when in thesis mode. didn’t rent any movies, was very restrained…haven’t even watched the five discs of West Wing Brett loaned me – now THAT’S self control!

but i did see matrix revolutions last night. not entirely sure what i thought about it, but am still confused as to how it is so different from the first film. in the first, the portentious and rhetorical dialogue seemed plausible in a strange way, as brett said, probably because there was an unreal edge to it, with neo still trying to figure out where he belonged in the universe. in the last two, the dialogue is so unbelievably trite in places, or perhaps it’s the delivery. if…you…pause…between…each…word…it…sounds…marginally…more…intelligent. the only one who can make it sound like art is hugo weaving. also, i loved the crumbly, retro feel of the first film and have never been convinced by zion and the grubby knitwear. still, there were some beautiful images, and some great ideas mixed in with all the fromage.

(also, what happened to morpheus and trinity? in the first film they were so kick-ass and in the second and third they just seem to fade into the background.)


this is all procrastination. i should be knuckling down to thesisville – am on the last stretches now, but it’s getting harder to concentrate. roll on december! i’m looking forward to having a space in my brain cleared out of all university stuff, ready to be filled with more crap movies. 🙂