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well it did rain yesterday, a little bit. big clouds looming now, and there’s supposed to be a thunderstorm this afternoon, which would be delightful.

so now, the month that was.


gangland by mark davis

really for uni, had it on loan for a month without opening it and now have had to renew it three times because i keep procrastinating. finally got around to reading it, and enjoyed it – all about ‘generationalism’, cultural elites, and the role the media has in pushing the conflict between perceived generational groups. the book itself is not without problems – davis rants about how certain minority groups and genres are given short shrift and then ignores evidence (no matter how small) to the contrary. case in point, according to my supervisor paul – davis carries on about the negative press given to young writers and grunge lit in an edition of meanjin and totally ignored an article in that same edition written by my (young) supervisor in defence of grunge lit. but those things aside, davis raises some interesting points and it’s all very easy to read. 🙂


legally blonde 2

oh, such a shame. could have been much much better. i still had fun, but hated that feeling you get in a sequel when you’re waiting for it to deviate even a little bit from the original film. the last third of the movie was better, but most of it just seemed like quite a feeble rehash of the first (which I loved).

pirates of the carribean

in contrast, here is a film i loved every single bit of, even if it was based on a theme park ride.



bek hadn’t seen it and although i hated it at the cinema, i thought perhaps i had been too harsh. but no, i stick to my original position. another movie that could have been much much better but was so disjointed and badly put together that it made me cringe all over again.


bek hadn’t seen this either, but i was more than happy to see it again. must be something about johnny depp…and irish accents…


and david bowie in tights (but this is for humour, not phwoar value). tee hee.

latest retail therapy kick:

i don’t know why, but i came over all girly and had a sudden desire to play with makeup. i found benefit and alas, all was lost; i just wanted to be a 50s screen siren.

also there’s remo for overpriced but funky stuff. haven’t bought anything from here yet, but just like looking at it all. i used to go into the shop when it was in darlinghurst and dream of having enough money to buy everything in the shop. that day has still not arrived…i wonder if i’m doing something wrong…

first group activity at my new house:

(nerd alert) a day of gaming! bek and heath and i played vampire in a world that looked suspiciously like guelph (well it would have, except bek scribbled out any identifiable place names), chasing after precious artefacts, busting drug lords and stealing motorbikes. true to form, heath played the nosferatu with a heart of gold, i played the tremere with no idea, and ben rolfe arrived late in the piece and played a malkav who liked to take cars apart. time passed very quickly.