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aha! we’re moving! after almost four years in this little glebe terrace house we’re moving all the way to…camperdown. basically three streets away from where we are now. but it’s new! there may end up being other issues, such as space or lack thereof, but in the short term at least i am going to love living in a house without an indoor atrium of bamboo, without the menagerie of bugs and slugs in the bathroom, without the hardy collection of mould in various corners, without kamikaze kitchen cupboard doors that try to leap off at you every time you walk past.

it’s also a good opportunity to get rid of stuff. you live in one place for long enough and you start to line the walls with bits and pieces and eventually you’re living in your own custom built cave. some of the stuff i have in boxes i have moved from place to place and never used, never dragged out, never done anything with except to stack more boxes on top. so it’s gonna go!

some stuff i can’t get rid of, like a tape i found the other day of me in year 12 interviewing teachers and students at my high school about their first kisses. not the world’s best interviews, but made me giggle. and there is footage of a certain rupert reid with long scruffy hair and a yellow shirt. i’m pretty sure that clip isn’t in his showreel, but he could add that to the five second clip of him in the matrix reloaded and i’m sure hollywood would beckon. ๐Ÿ™‚