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am in the middle of moving house and took a few moments to delve into my computer. the biggest mistake was to stop moving, as now i have no impetus to get back up.

it will be such a relief tomorrow when the removalists arrive to take all the big furniture over to the new place. i get to stay at the new house all day and unpack, which is kind of cool, as then i get to put stuff where i want it (and mum has volunteered to do all the cleaning in exchange, which is totally fine by me!!). have to do origami with all our possessions, as the place we’re moving to is a lot smaller than our current digs. but newer and cleaner and more excellent in every way (georgia – in feel it’s kind of like brett’s flat in darlinghurst only with an upstairs. oh…and furniture – none of that minimalist thing for us, nosiree!)

now i think i’d better go do some more before bed time. next time i write i’ll be living elsewhere!