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so we have a new place, but i’m not writing from it as the phone is still not connected. it’s okay on one level, cos we’re still yuppies with mobiles, but annoying cos i can’t go online. still i guess i’m online all day at work, so what more do i want, but i have slipped very easily into habit with instant-always-on-information-and-time-wastage.

i have bruises all over my legs. no idea how any of them happened. i assume it must have been with the box lugging, but suspect a small team of pixies with little baseball bats attack me while i’m sleeping.

new place is extremely good and we are happy to be in it. bonuses include:

*new kitchen with gas burners that turn on when they’re supposed to, and a light over the stove that works!

* bathroom that is so adequately ventilated that my towel is – gasp! – dry the next morning. it also does not feature slugs, bugs or extant mould that is impossible to get rid of.

* quietness – when the doors are closed, you can’t hear the neighbours through the walls.

* perfect television reception! so exciting to be able to watch the ABC without seeing the image repeated four times (five if there’s a strong wind).

* newness and brightness and general loveliness.

there are a couple of downsides, like the reduction in space and a bathroom fan that sounds like a plane taking off and that won’t turn off for 15 minutes after you’ve turned off the switch, but we’re adapting to our new goldfish bowl and an electrician is going to fix the fan.

it feels like a holiday living in this house. i like it. 🙂