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spring has sprung

the grass is riz

i wonder where the birdies is?

gorgeous gorgeous weather at the moment, although the temperature can’t decide what it wants to do. i like the vast, blue, sun filled skies with a chill in the air, so it suits me fine.

i also like lots of rain, and it hasn’t rained for ages.

i think we’ve moved in next to my brother, or one of his species, anyway. heard all these male voices out the front on the weekend that got gradually more and more languid and silly, with lots of croaky laughter and giggles. mum came downstairs and had to shut the door because the smell of the happy smoke was a bit too overpowering. she briefly wondered whether cats could get high, but decided our cat would be well used to it by now. then i heard the audio from lord of the rings blasting through the door and i had to smile.

i’m going to bellingen this weekend for the global carnival, where there will probably be lots of happy smoke, as well as great music, uncoordinated dancing and my first camping experience since i was in year 8. i’m borrowing ben rolfe’s tent and sleeping bag, about which he said “the tent is small and kind of uncomfortable and the sleeping bag is small and not very warm”. so i’m not planning to sleep a great deal this weekend, which is just as well because there will probably be too much going on anyway!

then after the carnival bek and i will drive up to woolgoolga and visit pappa and rose, then drive back. i’ve borrowed my dad’s car, which is quite hilarious really, but i pointed out that driving a black bmw is probably tame compared to most as the carnival is apparently full of sydney yuppies who think they’re ‘going bush’.

of which i am one, of course, but at least i’m fully aware of the irony. 🙂