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here we are at the beginning of the month again. time for the monthly roundup which i only do as a curio, a mini time capsule for posterity that does nothing to enhance the social structure or shed light on anything interesting whatsoever. and also cos it’s my blog and i’ll write useless trivia if i want to (you would write too if it happened to you).



harry potter and the order of the phoenix by jk rowling

yay yay and double yay for teenaged angst.

night watch by terry pratchett

revolutionaries ahoy!

a call to spiritual reformation by da carson

have only read the first couple of chapters, as it is quite heavy going, but an excellent book that inspires change.

the feel of steel by helen garner

i revisited this while looking for a passage to read at a reading night recently – i can’t recommend this book enough, it is just so blunt and bare and rich and full and garner is a constant inspiration to me.


charlie’s angels: full throttle

oh boy how i loved this. absolute silliness and escapism. heath and i giggled our way through it.

terminator 3: rise of the machines

also absolute silliness and escapism and extremely cool. claire danes rocks!

so many other movies i wanted to see but haven’t. oh for more time and more money!


minority report

watched this again – was surprised again by how much i enjoyed it (i’m not a huge cruise or spielberg fan by default). gorgeous art direction and a decent story to boot! watched a lot of the supplemental stuff which was fascinating (yes, i’m one of those nerds).

8 femmes

now this was surreal. fun and totally farcical and i loved the costumes, and i couldn’t help giggling when it ended with the actresses all lined up, singing a song about death. it just seemed so right.

also had a west wing fest with old school friends claire and jo – oh, the memories…

latest cooking triumph:

the world’s best brownies. helluva lot of chocolate. mmmm…