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monthly procrastinatory objects

new month, new financial year, but i reckon my list of stuff will be a lot like last month’s…


haven’t actually been to a cinema all month, i don’t think. maybe i have but i just can’t remember.

the shipping news on DVD

surprised that i enjoyed this a lot. but you can’t really go wrong with kevin spacey and judy dench, and i liked julianne moore a lot in it too.


the shipping news by e. annie. proulx

okay finally started it as a result of watching the movie. avoided it for years because of all the hype. enjoy her style and like the story but have only read the first fifty pages or so…

good omens by terry pratchett and neil gaiman

because i got sidetracked by this instead.


a whole hodge podge of things…just shoved a whole bunch of ani, badly drawn boy, b52s, the sundays, rickie lee jones and barenaked ladies into itunes (ouch!) and i play random selections from time to time as i’m working.

got the chicago soundtrack too. that’s fun.

most successful procrastination technique:

cooking. yesterday, while i was supposed to be writing, i made some vanilla ice cream with chocolate fudge swirly bits (yummo), a boxful of merengues, char-siu (that red marinated Chinese roast pork), and some stir fried gai-lan, carrots and asparagus to eat with the char-siu. YUM. i did do some writing in between, but it’s mostly in annoying editing stage and so lots of getting-up-and-doing-stuff occurs in the meantime.

sleeping is also good. and playing the sims, which has to be one of the most pointless, annoying and completely addictive games i’ve ever played. possibly even beats tragic…actually, no, on second thought, probably not.