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oh it’s exciting to get deliveries! i got up this morning feeling slothlike, miserably anticipating monday after a day in bed yesterday with an unshakeable cold. i went out the front door to get the newspaper and – lo and behold! – there were two boxes on the top step! finally my books from amazon have arrived! cheered me up immensely, it did. particularly since i finished night watch last night (an excellent pratchett in my opinion, very well paced) and had that aimless, vaguely depressed feeling i get when i have finished a good book and am not sure what i will read next. should it be an extreme departure from what i have just finished, or should i go and find everything the author has ever written and devour it until i feel sick? (in pratchett’s case there isn’t much choice as i did that a few years ago and have been meandering through his published works again this year again in an attempt to avoid, well, everything.)

but it’s all a moot point now. so. i will be absorbed in a kilo of jk rowling’s words tonight and then, when that runs out, on to margaret atwood’s latest, oryx and crake which also sounds excellent. bliss!

PS in case you are wondering why i ordered books from amazon, that huge and scary beast that doesn’t even operate in the southern hemisphere, let alone australia (apparently, according to brett, in marketing terms our population is too negligible to warrant having our own amazon…we have a smaller population than some small african countries apparently…i stopped listening and started making fun of him when he dragged out the statistics, although admittedly they were from michael moore and were quite interesting):

1. i had a gift certificate

2. both books were half price

3. it’s nice to get packages in the mail

4. when i ordered them i was in the middle of thesis writing and thought if i had them in my hot little hands i would procrastinate by reading them, but if i ordered from the UK, no less, then they would take a while to get here and by that time i would have finished writing and would be ready for some diversion (and not tempted to buy them in the meantime)

all good in theory, but when the books arrive ten days later than you were anticipating, you can get a little impatient. still, i stand by my actions and it has all worked out well and i’m happy. 🙂