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i need to get me one of those time control devices. or be able to de-obfuscate things (what’s the word i should use there? doesn’t matter, i’m making words up now).

i’m almost finished with my mini-opus, and have to hand it in in a couple of days. fine, no problem. but i’m sick of the sight of it – i hate editing! and it still needs an ending. two endings in fact (no, it’s not a choose your own adventure, although maybe it should be…) – i have two sections from the POV of two different characters and neither section ends. one stops, mid-scene, and the other just kind of peters out. oh, after the gratuitous sex-scene-that-isn’t-a-sex-scene.

i have more than enough words, and have been wrestling with them and trying to make them do what i want for a couple of weeks now. i feel like the key is just there, only there’s this weird fog thing (not flesh-eating) and i can’t see how far ahead the key is. could be a coupla steps, could be a mile. and i just…want…to…finish…

apart from anything else i’d like to start some new stories and not feel guilty. 🙂

anyway, that was just my whinge. i suppose i’ve done everything else i can do to waste time today so i really should go on and open up that file and…aaaaaaaaaaaaargggggh!