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the compartmentalising of my life is going swimmingly, thanks very much, and i’m starting to feel like i’m more in control of the portion of time i have been allotted. i have started to write again, which is a good thing. a very good thing in fact. i have started to lose weight again, which is also a good thing – and no, i do not have a problem with body image, and no, i am not crash dieting and no, i do not care. it’s nice to fit into one’s clothes, i think. i have started to embroider bees and ducks and robins onto the tiniest singlets for my friend catherine’s baby, who is due to arrive in about two and a half weeks, and although it sounds very domestic and housewifey (can you be housewifey if you have no husband?) i’m proud of the fact that i have created these mini artworks (you know they’re art because they’re uncentered, a bit kooky looking and do not resemble the picture in the book at all). i’m going to try embroidering a sheep next, which will be a challenge, as i imagine it is quite difficult to get one to stand still. i also have some navy pinwale corduroy and i’m going to make another pair of pants. i will sew the waistband on the right way round this time so that i don’t have to keep wearing long shirts to hide the mistakes like i do with my black pants. i am going to canberra on friday for a conference called travellers’ tales which i am really looking forward to, and on the sunday i am going to go to the national gallery and look at bonnard paintings and the david moore retrospective. in two weeks i have two weeks’ holiday and i can’t wait. i will go to the blue mountains and maybe berrima and the art gallery of nsw and see some movies and write lots. my birthday is also within that two weeks and i will be picnicking in centennial park with the ducks and swans and assorted friends, following which, there may be fondue at my house.

that’s me. it’s all good.