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mini survey :: most recents

most recently heard:

sarah mclachlan, surfacing – an all-time favourite album. brett has written it off as depressing chick music, but she’s inspired me to write so she can’t be all bad. (and brett can hardly talk, given the nature of his CD collection)

most recently read:

robert drewe, our sunshine

a most amazing book – vivid and well-paced and extremely addictive

terry pratchett, strata

good and silly. pre-discworld.

most recently saw on film:

ned kelly – thought this was excellent, but agree with some critics who think it lacks some of the vitality of the book it’s taken from (our sunshine). got all inspired to learn more about this period of history – living overseas during primary school i missed out on all that stuff.

daredevil – blackest of black superhero movies. realised in most hollywood superhero films, the hero never kills people deliberately – in this movie, he does! good escapism.

most recently saw on stage:

major barbara at nida’s parade theatre. was disappointed by this, although there were some enjoyable elements. the acting style seemed really forced, and all the actors spoke in those booming, overdone i’m-projecting-to-the-back-of-the-theatre type voices, which really put me off. spent a long time looking at the lighting rig and the sets, which were cool. didn’t have to pay for my ticket, though, so i’m not too fussed.

the talented mr ripley at zenith theatre in chatswood, featuring mr richard drysdale as ripley. ye gods, but he can yell loud. he really let go a lot more in the second half, and unlike the film ripley gets away with it in the play, so we were treated to rich’s full machiavellian range. they also had an effective lighting design…and an audience member in front of me who replied loudly to rhetorical questions asked by the characters onstage and whose mother fell asleep and snored.

okay, now it’s your turn.