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current things


x men 2

so cool. just…so cool.


current and 2nd season buffy

the west wing

two of my favourite parallel universes


white butterflies, colin mcphedran

all about mcphedran’s journey, as an 11 year old, from burma to india through the hukwang valley during world war 2 where his mother and two siblings died. follows his journeys through india, the uk and finally to australia. unbelievably sad and amazing book.

wyrd sisters, terry pratchett

rereading to alleviate intense emotional heaviness of above book.


new irish hymns, maire brennan, joanne hogg and margaret becker

given to me for my birthday by jennie. excellent music.

vespertine, bjork

so cool. just…so cool.


blood links, william yang

the most absorbing ‘slide show’ i’ve ever seen. amazing seeing photographs of other chinese australian families and noting the similarities to my own family. loved yang’s dry humour and stark observations.


chocolate mint cake. a triumph and one i mean to make frequently.

chicken hot pot. great chinese comfort food.

beef and red wine stew. can anyone tell i’m wishing the weather would get colder?