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something happened! i went somewhere!

i witnessed the odometer of years tick over at the menyharts’ beach house at norah head, on the nsw central coast. two days away and i feel better than if i’d had three weeks at home. sleeping, reading, eating, walking along the beach, checking out a lighthouse, eating, drinking, staring out at the waves, sleeping, watching romeo + juliet again, eating (we had lots of lovely dobos torte – possibly one of the greatest cakes ever invented), drinking…happy new year!…sleeping, eating, drinking (the new year looks a lot like the old).

probably one of the most low key new year celebrations i’ve ever had, and very enjoyable. no pressure like there is when you’re in sydney to find fireworks at any cost. even if you vow not to seek them, the desperation sets in at about half past eleven and you start coming up with ridiculous plots and schemes to get a glimpse of coloured explosions (as it was, there were some cute little fireworks someone up the hill had brought and let off over the water, and some kids up the street let off some crackers. the dog went mental.).

so happy new year to you all! i hope this year brings adventures and happiness.