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i’m having an unfortunate moment in coming to grips with reality.

i spent the weekend at norah head (again) at the lovely menyhart residence, swimming, walking on the beach, etc, etc (see a couple of posts ago for an idea of the euphoria experienced, only no dobos this time) and watching, once with cast commentary and once without, as well as all seven hours of the ‘appendices’, the extended fellowship of the ring.

and i want to

a) work on a film

b) work on that film

c) work with peter jackson

d) go to new zealand

e) have a bunch of friends who work with me

f) wake up and for all the above to have actually occurred

that’s the first part of the reality issue. the second, and i don’t know which is more disturbing, is that i just want to stay immersed in middle earth and not do anything else. it’s very sad. i’m trying to resist reading the trilogy again, but i don’t think that terry pratchett is necessarily a good counter measure (although i’m reading strata which i have not read before, so that’s got to count for something).

as a remedy to this unformed homesickness for a place i’ve never been and that actually doesn’t exist, i went to see catch me if you can tonight, which is about as far away from middle earth as you can get. very good. reminded me why i once thought leonardo di caprio was a good actor.

it doesn’t help, though, that i bought the two towers soundtrack this morning and am listening to it now. i’ve just undone a couple of hours’ work.

do you think it’s plausible for me to watch the extended version again?