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what i did on my saturday

by rebecca jee, aged 26 and a half

i got up, had a blueberry bagel and read the icon section of the sydney morning herald. i drove through the university of sydney to drop my mum in newtown, and had a profoundly calming feeling wash over me as i looked at the sea of purple jacarandas on carillon avenue. just as i thought of calling heath and seeing if he wanted a coffee he called me and we had a coffee in his lovely new house, then we walked around glebe markets. i went home and had a delicious steak sandwich with the leftovers from last night’s dinner and read the metropolitan section of the sydney morning herald. i went to paddington and had a drink with zoe and carol, good friends from adelaide who i haven’t seen for years. i drove through town, got stuck in traffic because of the flocks of gay people carrying flags and dressed in uniform heading towards oxford street (the gay games started today). i came home and found messages from my friends on my blog. i had a beck’s bier and am now going to go and watch MASH on dvd.

it’s been a good day.