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it’s hot. but in a good way. in a balmy summer evening kind of way. in an all-doors-and-windows-open-and-a-warm-breeze-blowing-through kind of way.

there’s also the faint, sharp smell of burning. i don’t know from how far away that’s coming, but it’s definitely there. we had a wall of bamboo running down the side of our house until last weekend, when a couple of guys with chainsaws came and cut it all down. it’s good in that bamboo is a bastard of a thing and was getting into the foundations, etc, but not good in that now we can see right into the charming block of flats next door (heath will attest to their charm no doubt) and it’s noisy and much hotter. but not so much of a fire hazard…funny, must be a throwback to stage managing days. i’ll start complaining that we don’t have clearly marked exits in a minute. ah, the memories.