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i’m trying to sell a car. that’s what i’m doing with my saturday, nay, my entire weekend. people are so suspicious. one guy sent his brother to look at it and he brought a guy in overalls, so i’m guessing he was or was pretending to be a mechanic. he opened the bonnet, stroked his chin, looked over the top of his glasses and muttered “not worth it, not worth it”. the brother said “i’ll let roger talk to you” and they left without taking it for a drive. i’m sure they planned their little performance in the car on the way over…although i don’t think they are going to buy the car, even if they were going to they would have reacted the same way so they can beat me down on price.

the thing that really pissed me off about this roger guy was the fact that we had this conversation when he called earlier today:

Roger: You said it was negotiable, right?

Me: Yes…

Roger: So you’ll ‘look after me’, alright?

Me: Well…

Roger: Cos I don’t have a lot of money.

Me: Neither do I.

Roger: But you live in Glebe.

will someone explain to me what that has to do with anything? yes, i live in glebe. i live in a rented house with my mother and brother, according to the recent census i fall into the ‘battler’ wage bracket, and i’m trying to sell a decent car for a paltry $4000. but because i live in glebe, apparently that means that i have a secret swiss bank account and am trying to rip everyone off.

the thing about glebe that i like is the fact that although there are some wealthy people, there are students, grungey people, ferals, conservative people, families, young people, old people, slightly odd people, slightly normal people…basically everyone fits in somewhere and you don’t have to match a certain demographic to feel comfortable.

so i hope roger doesn’t ring me back to try and ‘negotiate’. i don’t particularly want to be beaten down by some guy who thinks that i’m a rich snob when he hasn’t even met me or come in person to look at the thing he wants to buy.