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what am i still doing awake? i hate it when you stay up too late and you reach the point where you should be eating another meal. you get hungry but you don’t want to eat because you might go to bed soon, but invariably you don’t and you end up staring at a computer screen with a headache and a grumbling belly.

well i do.

the other reason i am still up is that i have run out of book. i finished lord of the rings, having bowed to the pressure of shame at not having ever read it before, and there isn’t anything to fill that uniquely shaped gap. i kind of have to shake it off. there are many books on my shelves that i could read. across a wide range of genres. the ones i feel i should get to relatively soon are:

ash by mary gentle

the crocodile fury by beth yahp

songs of the last chinese poet by ouyang yu

little, big by john crowley

prodigal summer by barbara kingsolver

bombardiers by po bronson

last of the savages by jay mcinerney

and those are only the ones i already own. that’s not including the unbought books that i want to read. of the above list, two are for my thesis (big guess which ones), two i’ve had for ages and just haven’t got around to it, one has been recommended by some very trustworthy friends but i feel guilty reading it when i should be working, and the last two belong to brett and i ‘borrowed’ them when he was still living in darlinghurst, which was quite some time ago.


as to what i actually feel like reading, i want american gods by neil gaiman, all families are psychotic by douglas coupland, goodbye tsugumi by banana yoshimoto and probably something yummy by terry pratchett (he’s like comfort food, really).

i shall stop making lists now or i’ll start to evolve into…