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Sunday Storytime: A Danger Averted

My favourite bit from this chapter: Anne gave him such a serious lecture on the sin of stealing plum jam that Davy became conscience stricken and promised with repentant kisses never to do it again. "Anyhow, there'll be plenty of jam in heaven, that's one comfort," he...

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Sunday storytime is back!

Well I don't think anyone will have been waiting hopefully for another instalment, but after the busyness of the end of last year, I've finally got enough energy to record again. It was nice to do some live Anne reading when the Baddeleys were here, as the boys are...

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My cooking show

Yesterday I made an amazingly delicious Ottolenghi vegetable tart that would have looked extremely smug if I had just posted it on social media without comment, but I am absolutely amazed it even turned out to be edible given my ridiculous methods. I post...

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Don’t worry

I'm coming out of my usual January freak out. Even though I marvel each year about how I forget about how crap I feel most Januarys, it still takes me by surprise when it happens. It really is because of the money thing. I have very little money post-Christmas, which...

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100 days of practise

Well Jessie from Symphonic Band challenged me to 100 days of practise over on Instagram and because I'm a sucker for a challenge and really need to work on levelling up my flute playing this year, I accepted. It's not a new year's resolution because I started it...

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Jukebox road trip

We decided to drive Nick down to Hobart to visit friends and had one of the more enjoyable trips in recent times because of my reactivated Apple Music subscription. I prefer it over Spotify because I can tell Siri what to play while I’m driving (though sometimes that...

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Other things I do!

I am passionate about gratitude and I write about it at Everyday Gratitude. I also have produced some nice things to help you get into gratitude, which you can buy here.
Need some graphic design or editing or general creative goodness? Check me out!

Need some graphic design or editing or general creative goodness? Check me out!

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